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Q:  Are Keurig models UL certified?

Short answer:

Yes, most all Keurig models are UL certified. The UL stamp can be found on the bottom metal plate of each model. Keurig’s commercial models may also have UL certification to somewhat higher commercial standards.

Extended answer:

Underwriters Laboratories (UL) certification means they have passed a rigorous testing process for safety requirements. These requirements are often based on UL’s published and nationally recognized Standards for Safety. UL does not test quality of a product, they only address safety concerns through testing a device after being manufactured, or they may help in the design regarding safety aspects.

Q:  How do I clean a Keurig coffee maker?

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Short answer:

Keurig has a recommended cleaning solution and process for cleaning their coffee brewers, which may be a little different for each Keurig model. Refer to your Keurig owners manual or the Keurig website. Or, you can clean your Keurig with a vinegar solution using a simple process.

Extended answer:

If you want to know how to get your Keurig coffee brewer really, really clean – we wrote an article about this…

The article outlines the Keurig recommended way of cleaning a Keurig coffee maker and the basic process for just about any of the Keurig models.

It also goes into how to make your own cleaning and descaling solution and cleaning your Keurig.

But it doesn’t stop there, it also explains how to disinfect and deep clean your Keurig.

How To Get a Keurig Coffee Maker Really Really Clean

Q:  How do I know what Keurig model I have?

Short answer:

The Keurig model number is imprinted on the bottom metal plate of the unit. You may need to unplug and lift up or turn the unit over to read it. You should find imprinted something like ‘Model K40’ or other model number as the case may be. A serial number sticker can also be found on the unit – usually behind the drip tray.

Q:  How hot is the water in a Keurig brewer?

Also answers ... What is the temperature of the water from a Keurig coffee maker?

Short answer:

Keurig claims 192°F is the internal and optimal temperature of the water from your Keurig coffee maker, unless it has temperature control, of course. However, the final temperature of the water or coffee in your cup may vary due to several reasons. Keurig states that when brewing into a foam or paper cup, 180-185°F in-cup temperature is typically attained.

Extended answer:

The temperature will depend on if the brewer is brewing correctly with no issues like, needing descaled, no clogs from coffee grounds, or other problems with the hot water flow. Other things can vary the water temperature, like the material and cooling effect of a cold mug. A very cold ceramic mug can lessen the temperature of your brewed coffee (or tea). Again, Keurig states that when brewing into a foam or paper cup, 180-185°F is the typical in-cup temperature. Another cause for temperature variation is if the brewer heater tank has just heat cycled or not. Having the brewer sit idle without a fresh heating cycle can cause the water temperature to be a couple of degrees cooler. Keurig recommends maximizing the in-cup temperature with home brewers by running a small cup without a pod prior to making a cup of coffee. This will warm both the mug, especially ceramic mugs, and the brewer internal parts.

Q:  Is there a quiet Keurig model?

Short answer:

Some of the higher end home-use Keurig models do feature their ‘Quiet Brew Technology’. It is designed for a more quiet pump system, the noisy part of using a Keurig.

Extended answer:

How it works is not readily described by Keurig, neither on their website nor in the user manual. Reviewers say that with the ‘Quiet Brew Technology’ their brewer is still noisy but not as much as with other Keurig models they have owned. Other reviewers blame the technology for a weaker pump design and the early demise of their Keurig brewer.

Q:  What is the Keurig 2.0 Brewing System?

Short answer:

The Keurig 2.0 is a brewing system that features K Cup pod scanning technology. It restricts usage to Keurig licensed pods, but it also automates functionality to control brew temperature and brew size for extra large mug sized single serve pods or 4 cup carafe pods – as well as being designed to brew a better cup of coffee.

Extended answer:

If you want to know more about the 2.0 system, like what models use it, we wrote a post about this very question with a lot of details – follow the link to read more…

What Is the Keurig 2.0 Brewing System?

Q:  Where is the water filter for my Keurig coffee brewer?

Also answers ... Does my Keurig model have a water filter?

Short answer:

Not all Keurig models have a built-in water filter installed or the ability to add a water filter. For those models that do, you can find the filter inside the removable water reservoir. The water filter kit (unit) can be removed and the water filter cartridge itself replaced. You can add and install a water filter kit to those models that do not already have one but allow for it.

Extended answer:

Only some newer Keurig models with larger, removable water reservoirs have the ability to add a water filter kit.

Models with pour-in water reservoirs and older models will not allow for a water filter.

The kit is simply a plastic cartridge that fits over the screened water inlet inside the removable water reservoir. Inside the cartridge is a replaceable charcoal filter pod.

It is recommended the water filter pod be replaced every few months depending on water usage.

Water filter kits are sometimes provided with a new Keurig, or may be purchased separately.

Q:  Which Keurig Models Use the 2.0 Brewing System?

Short answer:

Here is a list of models – that we know of – that had the 2.0 brewing system that did not allow unlicensed K Cup pods and are made by Keurig:
K200, K250, K300, K350, K400, K425, K450, K475, K525, K525C, K545, K550, K575
and a few of the new Keurig models still use the 2.0 brewing system, but they also allow for just about any unlicensed 2.0 K-cup pods.

Extended answer:

If you want to know more details about the 2.0 brewing system, we wrote a post about this very question…

What Is the Keurig 2.0 Brewing System?

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