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San Francisco Bay Espresso Roast K Cups

San Francisco Bay Espresso Roast K Cups

The Espresso Roast is a full-bodied medium-dark coffee blend that delivers notes of dark chocolate & smoky brown spice. Perfect on its own or in mochas, lattes, & cappuccinos.

This family-owned roasting company claims to be dedicated to delivering the most flavorful coffees in the world. This exclusive coffee blend is crafted from the best Arabica beans, sourced from small, sustainable farms in Central America.

San Francisco Bay Coffee uses only 100% arabica coffee and certified Kosher coffee beans.

Described as:

“robust, delicious coffee”
“pure coffee taste without bitterness”
“great flavor, and yet it is also strong and rich”
“this roast falls in the sweet spot”
“rich, bold and strong”
“rich and full bodied”


BrandSan Francisco Bay
Pod typeK Cup Pod
K Cup FillCoffee

Reviews - San Francisco Bay Espresso Roast K Cups

Average Review Scores

Google (4.9) - Amazon (4.5)

Average Overall Score

Top Review Praises

“The Espresso Roast is a bold, but smooth coffee with no bitter aftertaste. I love the scent and the flavor. ”

“I like a good strong dark roast cup of coffee. I’ve tried many, many different kinds searching for a great k-cup coffee and a great price. I finally found the perfect coffee.”

Common Review Complaints

“A couple months ago my box came with a paper inside which mentioned that there could be some sediment due to a change in the material used, which would allow for better decomposition of the k-cups. It didn’t seem to be an issue so I stayed with it, there was some sediment in the cup but nothing that ruined the coffee. The problem was that about every 10th k-cup would leak coffee grounds into the cup.”

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We are just a small group of coffee enthusiasts researching the best and the worst in single serve coffee and single serve brewers. We focus on one cup at a time.

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