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Gevalia Vanilla Espresso K Cups

Gevalia Latte Espresso K Cups

Savor the combination of slightly caramel espresso coffee with rich vanilla froth. The coffee comes from 100 percent Arabica beans to live up to the quality of the Gevalia name, and the froth packet boasts real milk for authentically creamy goodness with every cup. These six single-serve roasted vanilla coffee pods and froth packets have 100 calories per serving. To enjoy delicious vanilla flavor coffee, first add the froth packet to your mug, place it on your brewer’s cup stand, and then select the 8 oz. brew size.

Described as:

“These k-cups are amazing!! ”
“Very tasty , lots of froth.”
“Super rich, and every tasty! ”
“Great! I love it! Just a hint of sweetness.”


Pod typeK Cup Pod
K Cup FillCoffee
Flavor Infused Vanilla Latte
Keurig Licensed?Yes

Reviews - Gevalia Vanilla Espresso K Cups

Average Review Scores

Google (4.7) - Amazon (4.6)

Average Overall Score

Top Review Praises

“Pour the froth packet in cup, insert k-cup in Keurig coffee-maker, press go and you have an awesome cup of coffee. ”

“This LEGIT tastes like an expensive vanilla latte from a coffee shop! Soooooo bomb! “

Common Review Complaints

“It had a watery taste once all of the components were put together. ”

“These taste amazing but the only downside is that it’s a little complicated “

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