Caribou Coffee Caribou Blend Single Serve K-Cup Pod

NameCaribou Coffee Caribou Blend Single Serve K-Cup Pod
Pod typeK Cup Pod
K Cup FillCoffee
BlendCaribou Blend
Flavor Infused No flavor infusion
Keurig Licensed?Yes

Tasting Notes: Smooth & classic
Product Details: This is a Medium Roast Coffee that is 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified and Kosher(U)

One Cup Report - Review Score


Top praises:

“great flavor and is consistently great anytime of the day. we have tried several different coffees over the years and this has been our favorite. ”

“Thought I would try this and so glad I did! A hit with the whole family! YUMMY”

Common complaints:

“We prefer this flavor of coffee, but it routinely clogs our machine and we have to stop and ‘operate’ on the machine to get a cup of coffee. This is NOT the way to start your day! No other brand of coffee causes a clog in the machine. Caribou does frequently”

“I can agree with the bad reviews. I live only about 1 mile from the main office and they still will not respond when I tell them that my Keurig clogs up and will not produce a full cup.”