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Cafe Bustelo K Cups

“It’s strong coffee. It’s not bitter coffee. It’s smooth.”
“bold and flavorful”
“really delicious coffee”
“Smooth and satisfying. Never a bad cup.”
“so smooth and rich”

San Francisco Bay Espresso Roast K Cups

“robust, delicious coffee”
“pure coffee taste without bitterness”
“great flavor, and yet it is also strong and rich”
“this roast falls in the sweet spot”
“rich, bold and strong”
“rich and full bodied”

“It has the taste of espresso, or a very bold coffee, but with a balanced sweetness”
“It is a bold, very smooth, rich tasting coffee.”
“A wonderful, bold, full-bodied coffee with no bitter after-taste.”
“A robust flavorful coffee.”
“Creamy, smooth, and aromatic coffee.”

“coffee is amazing- consistently”
“Delicious, strong, but not overly bitter.”
“strength without the bitter, robust & smooth”
“Rich, satisfying, no bitter taste. “

Lava Classico Espresso K Cups

“stronger coffee, but not at all bitter”
“strong but not overwhelming”
“delicious smooth coffee flavor”
“rich and full bodied”

About Us

We are just a small group of coffee enthusiasts researching the best and the worst in single serve coffee and single serve brewers. We focus on one cup at a time.

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