Keurig K60 Coffee Maker



KeurigK60K Cup Brewer


Manufacturer's Features

Single-serve home brewing system for use with patented K-Cups

One-touch control panel;
blue back-lit LCD display;
digital clock;
programmable on/off
3 brew-size options; (6 oz., 8 oz. and 10 oz.)
adjustable brew temperature;
removable drip tray
Blue-lit removable 60-ounce water reservoir
descale indicator
dishwasher-safe parts


All the details:

Dimensions: Width 9.8 in -x- Height 13 in -x- Depth 12.3 in
Reservoir Capacity:60 oz
Brew Sizes: 6 oz, 8 oz, 10 oz
Weight:11.9 lbs
Allows tall travel mugs?Yes
Maximum Mug Height:7 in
K Cup Carafe Compatible?No
Water Filter Kit Available?Yes
Adjustable Temperature?No
Strong Brew Setting?No
Iced Brew Setting?No
Programmable On/Off?No
Auto Off?No
Digital Display?No
Commercial Unit?No

One Cup Report - Review Score

Top praises:

“This coffee maker lets everyone decide for himself what he wants. Everyone gets a fresh cup of coffee, not the last drop or hour long warmed over coffee. We now use the maker for hot cereal. Instead of using it only in the morning, it is used all day long and night.”

“A positively HUGE water reservoir tank compared to my old machine, which I had to refill practically every cup or two. This one will get me through the whole day. Plus a timer I can set to kick the machine onto standby mode first thing in the morning so that I don’t have to go through the warmup sequence for every cup–just the main brewing cycle. And of course it will shut the machine down after my suppertime cup. “

Top complaints:

Keep in mind that top complaints may only be a small percentage of all units sold - please refer to the overall review ratings.

“Keurig won’t dispense. People do tutorials on YouTube for how to fix. UNPLUG it You need a paper clip, we used a small finishing nail for lack of a paper clip and it worked. On our model there are 2 “needles” and 4 holes where the coffee comes out and you need to stick the ppclip in each of the holes.”

” The unit ALREADY will not make a full cup of coffee. This is the fourth Keurig machine I have owned. They never last more than 2 years. The units are either defective or require an unreasonable amount of maintenance.”

“We have had a little over a month and it constantly does NOT brew. Sounds like it is trying to brew (motor starts) and then just stops and no brew.”

“Well if I can get to work that would be a great concept. It is either constantly going into “prime” mode or it wont’ pull water through and at times the noise it makes sounds like it going to blow up. “