One Cup Report

Keurig K50 Classic Single Serve Coffee Maker

Manufacturer's Features


Colors: Black, Patriot Blue, Rhubarb, White
Dimensions: Width 10.1 in -x- Height 13.3 in -x- Depth 13 in
Weight:10.6 lbs
Allows tall travel mugs?Yes

Top Praises

“In less than 5 minutes, you can prepare and completely make a fresh cup of coffee”

“Very sleek design, looks great on my counter”

Common Complaints

“This is the third brewer I have had. I like it when it works, but all 3 have failed. ”

“Got a 55 to replace it. It lasted a little less than a year and just quit. Would not do anything. Had several K cups so decided to try one more. Got another 55 and it is on it’s last leg. Has started make a lot of noise and the water flow is down to a trickle at times. ”

“Now it makes a very loud noise and it doesn’t even drip the water.”

About Us

We are just a small group of coffee enthusiasts researching the best and the worst in single serve coffee and single serve brewers. We are focused on one cup at a time.