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Keurig K130 Hospitality Single Serve Coffee Maker

Keurig K130 Single Serve Coffee Brewer

Manufacturer's Features

Single-use Water Reservoir, Brews One 8-ounce Cup
Fits approximately 4.5 inches coffee mug with tray, 5 inches with tray removed
Heat times may vary depending on temperature of water added
Cold water can take 5-7 minutes, while room temperature water can take 3-5 minutes
Not compatible with reusable K cup filters


Colors: Matte Black
Dimensions: Width 7.0 in x Height 10.0 in x Depth 11.0 in
Weight:7.2 lbs
Maximum Mug Height:5.0 in
Only Accepts Keurig 2.0 Pods?Yes
Commercial Unit?Yes


This is nearly identical to the Keurig B130 model. Keurig switched all B models to K models.

This unit is normally only available through the Keurig Commerical Division, but older B130 models do show up for sale through many sources.

Keurig K130 Hospitality Reviews

Review Scores

Google (4.5) - Amazon (4.0) - Walmart (3.5)

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Top Review Praises

These comments reflect the top praises found in the higher rated reviews posted by customers on: Google, Amazon, Walmart.

” I fell in love with it because I didn’t have to measure water and it was so fast and easy! I came home and after researching similar models, ordered the same one from the hotel! I love that it’s very small, doesn’t take much space and that it doesn’t hold more water than needed for one cup.”

” I bought this Keurig because of its small size and I take it with me when I go on retreats or otherwise travel somewhere that doesn’t have a coffee maker. This little guy brews fantastic coffee. My work has a gigantic Keurig (not sure of the model) that has all the bells and whistles, and I found that the Keurig K130 brews a better tasting cup of coffee”

“And I also use this for heating up Ramen noodle cups and oatmeal cups and a bunch of other cooking with hot water in the kitchen, it’s so great!!! This thing is just fantastic!!! “

Common Review Complaints

These comments reflect common complaints found in the lower rated reviews posted by customers on: Google, Amazon, Walmart.

” These machines are very sensitive to any minute particles in the water. I thought that this was a Texas thing but having moved to the Sunshine State I now realize that nothing much has changed.”

“The odor was just awful. The box was smelly and so was the unit. Everything that you ran through it tasted like metal or plastic.”

“I bought this Keurig for my daughter for Christmas. She was excited to get it, but disappointed at the plastic taste of everything she brewed. As others have mentioned in their reviews. She ran it multiple times with plain water and even tried running vinegar through it. No luck. It still gave that plastic taste.”

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