This model is only available from Keurig on their website.

There is no perceivable difference between the K Elite Elements unit vs the standard K Elite unit, besides the color selection.

A higher priced model from Keurig with many options for brewing temperature and cup sizes.

Features a push button design as opposed to the touch screen of former models which gave problems.


KeurigK Elite ElementsK Cup Brewer


Manufacturer's Features

Includes a bonus 6-count K-Cup® pod variety pack, one water filter handle, and one water filter to help ensure your beverages taste their absolute best.

Key features:
• BREWS MULTIPLE CUP SIZES: 4, 6, 8, 10, 12oz Enjoy the most popular cup sizes
• STRONG BREW: Increases the strength and bold taste of your coffee’s flavor
• ICED SETTING: Brew hot over ice at the touch of a button for full-flavored, delicious iced coffee.
• COFFEE IN NO TIME: Brews K-Cup® pods in under a minute.
• LARGE 75oz WATER RESERVOIR: Allows you to brew 8 cups before having to refill, saving you time and simplifying your morning routine. Removable reservoir makes refilling easy.
• HOT WATER ON DEMAND: Perfect for instant soups or oatmeal.
• SIMPLE BUTTON CONTROLS: Just insert a pod, select your desired cup size, and brew your perfect cup in under a minute.
• REMOVABLE DRIP TRAY: Accommodates travel mugs up to 7.2” tall and holds a full accidental brew for easy cleanup.
• BREWER MAINTENANCE REMINDER: Alerts you when it is time to descale your coffee maker. Descaling is an important process that removes built-up calcium deposits, ensuring the best-tasting brew possible.
• QUIET BREW TECHNOLOGY™: Minimizes noise when the coffee maker is in use.
• Brews coffee, tea, hot cocoa, specialty, and iced beverages.
• Compatible with the My K-Cup® Universal Reusable Coffee Filter, allowing you to brew with your own ground coffee.

Programmable features:
• Auto On: Set the exact time your coffee maker turns on in the morning.
• Auto Off: Set the time your coffee maker shuts off after your last brew for energy savings.
• Temperature: Adjust the brew temperature between 187° and 192°.
• High Altitude Setting: Ensures your coffee maker works properly at altitudes >5,000 feet.


All the details:

Colors:Chrome, Pure Slate, Wrought Iron
Dimensions: Width 9.9 in -x- Height 13.1 in -x- Depth 12.7 in
Reservoir Capacity:75 oz
Brew Sizes: 4 oz, 6 oz, 8 oz, 10 oz, 12 oz
Weight:8.0 lbs
Allows tall travel mugs?Yes
Maximum Mug Height:7.2 in
K Cup Carafe Compatible?Yes
Carafe Sizes:
Water Filter Kit Available?Yes
Adjustable Temperature?
Strong Brew Setting?
Iced Brew Setting?
Programmable On/Off?
Auto Off?
Digital Display?
Commercial Unit?No

One Cup Report - Review Score

Top praises:

“I was amazed at how quiet this machine is. I love the push button to select the cup size instead of the dial we had on our previous machine. ”

“Also the biggest size of the old model was 10 oz but this one goes up to 12 oz which fills up my tall thermal cup much better. ”

” I love how it holds 72 ounces of water. I love how it brews strong or regular strength coffee in 4 different sizes, AND I can make iced tea with it.”

Top complaints:

Keep in mind that top complaints may only be a small percentage of all units sold - please refer to the overall review ratings.

” It powers on, heats the water, then when I try to brew or get water it shuts itself off after I choose cup size.”

“Auto Off: Set the time your coffee maker shuts off after your last brew for energy savings.” This is not accurate at all. You can not set the time your coffee maker shuts off. You can select the amount of time the brewer stays on after the last brew up to 2 hours. So you can not program the brewer to stay on for longer than two hours.”

“My husband and I have tried every setting and the coffe is so weak it tastes like water. “