What Is an Americano vs Drip Coffee?

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What is an Americano? The Americano is an espresso based coffee drink consisting of espresso and water. Not so exciting when said like that, but the truth is that it is very comparable to drip coffee, except maybe better. And there are variations on the ingredients and preparation that can change the drink quite a […]

What is pour over coffee?

pour over coffee

Pour over coffee is a popular manual coffee brewing method. What do we mean by manual brewing? It means there is very little equipment, if any, involved in the brewing process. It is all done by hand and every part of the method is controlled by the user. Pour over coffee is really just a […]

Pour Over Coffee Questions & Answers

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Pour-over coffee is a coffee brewing method growing in popularity to produce great tasting coffee with a very simple and manual brewing system. Here are some of the frequently asked questions and answers with respect to pour-over coffee. What is pour-over coffee? Pour-over coffee is a coffee making method which uses a funnel shaped filter […]