Caffeine in Espresso vs Coffee – It will surprise you

Caffeine in an espresso vs a regular cup of coffee may not be what you might expect. Would it surprise you to learn that

What Is an Americano vs Drip Coffee?

What is an Americano? The Americano is an espresso based coffee drink consisting of espresso and water. Not so exciting when said like that,

What to do if your Keurig has no water coming out.

Does your Keurig have no water coming out? We received a message from Martha, a reader, who asked… “Used a paper clip in needle

What is pour over coffee?

What is pour over coffee? Where did pour over coffee originate? And how do you make pour over coffee? Let’s take a detailed look

Pour Over Coffee Questions & Answers

Pour-over coffee is a coffee brewing method growing in popularity to produce great tasting coffee with a very simple and manual brewing system. Here

Top 5 Espresso K Cups – and Tips For Best Experience

Looking for the best espresso k cup? Searching for the combination of k cup convenience and espresso coffee joy? As you already know,  when

Descale a Keurig Coffee Maker With Vinegar – How & Why

Ughhh! The de-scale light on the Keurig has come on. Now what? It may be time to descale your Keurig coffee maker with vinegar.

Keurig Coffee Brewers – Your Questions Answered

Keurig has produced so many different single serve coffee makers and with so many different options that it gets confusing. We will attempt to

Keurig Coffee Brewers For the Home – Most Recent Models

This is a list of the Keurig single serve coffee brewers that are most recently for sale on the Keurig website. (updated 5/13/2019) All

How To Sanitize and Disinfect Your Keurig Coffee Maker – Get It Really Really Clean

How to sanitize a Keurig coffee maker. Learn the ins and out of getting your Keurig really clean. We noticed one day, while refilling

What Is the Keurig 2.0 Brewing System?

Short answer: The Keurig 2.0 is a brewing system that features K Cup pod scanning technology. It restricts usage to Keurig licensed pods, but

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